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Oct. 21 Wine Cave Dinner highlights

Oct. 21 Wine Cave Dinner highlights

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Our Wine Cave Dinner is just days away.

Along with an amazing lineup of wines, the Oct. 21 Wine Cave Dinner also showcases an elegant and flavorful five-course dinner prepared in front of our guests. Chef Glen Johnson will be conducting this culinary symphony.

Here’s a sampling of what’s in store:

Fall Vineyard Salad

Chef Johnson will take baby spring greens and spicy frisee (leafy vegetable) and dress it with a smooth black truffle olive oil. For toppers, the salad will include Cabernet grapes (that will go amazing with the wine selection), candied pecans, marinated black artichoke hearts, heirloom baby tomatoes and sweet red peppers, aged balsamic gastrique (reduction of vinegar and sugar, which is perfect extra flavor infusion), herbed chevre cheese and crisped pancetta.

In the spirit of the Farm to Fork movement that the region has become famous for, Chef Johnson also cooks with the freshest ingredients in every meal. Our guests will be in awe in not only how the food tastes, but how each dish is prepared with the freshest and nearest of ingredients.

A Seafood Duo

Seafood lovers can rejoice because they will feast on fresh fillets from Sunh Fish in Sacramento, the place to buy seafood in the region. Chef Johnson will put together a sesame search Tombo Tuna accented with wasabi, soy and pickled ginger. The dish will also include Day Boat scallops from Chesapeake Bay. They will be seared with a lemon vodka butter. Delicious!

Not only does Chef Johnson incorporate fresh produce, but he also serves quality cuts of meat from local vendors and harvesters. This includes the main feature of the fourth course.

Peppercorn-crusted, slow roasted beef tenderloin

The fourth and second-to-last course will feature Northern California Angus beef with fresh cracked peppercorn. Seared and slow roasted, it will be the perfect grand finale of the evening – before dessert, of course. The cut will be served at a perfect medium rare. Chef Johnson hand-carves the beef and accents it with Yukon gold horseradish and chive mashed potatoes, Delta asparagus, a selection of California wild mushrooms and a 14-hour Cabernet demi glaze. This elegant dish will marvel all your senses!

If you’re ready for an evening of incredible food, wine and company, be sure to check in with us for tickets as you may still be able to get a spot. Go here for more details.

Here’s the wine lineup for our Oct. 21 Wine Cave Dinner.

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