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Two-Tone Steiny & The Cadillacs to perform live blues at Mt. Vernon Winery

Two-Tone Steiny & The Cadillacs to perform live blues at Mt. Vernon Winery

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Mt. Vernon Winery is holding a special event to celebrate 18 years in business. And if you come to our Blues, Bottles, and Bacon event on May 6, a special blues musician will treat you to some fabulous music. 

Mark “Steiny” Steinmetz, a California native, is not your typical blues singer, writer and harmonica player – he’s developed his own textual sound of original blues. Steinmetz’s silky vocals are complemented by a group of seasoned veteran musicians. Together, “Two-Tone Steiny & The Cadillacs” performs an irresistible mix of blues classics and original tunes. Their stage presence translates into high-energy music and is sure to have you swinging and dancing as soon as the opening notes fill the air.

Steinmetz finesses a personal touch into his song writing, which you can sense in the below music video. In an interview with blues.gr, he described his heartfelt process. Using tear-stained ink for some songs and joy and laughter for others, there’s little doubt about the touching nature of his music. The self-described emotional guy allows blues music to be the window to his expressive nature. His efforts for his emotive original song writing and performance have not gone unnoticed. Some of the band’s awards include winning the Sacramento IBC Competition blues challenge and Best Self-Produced Blues CD of 2010. The group also was nominated for a Sammie award.

When you join us for our special anniversary event on May 6, the sounds from the stage will ring of Chicago Blues, West Coast Swing and a whole lot of soul. Steinmetz characterizes the special blend as “tight and real.” He’ll need your help, too. Some of the energy is drawn from the audience as the band transmits not only music, but song and storytelling.

Excitement is building for this event, which will be held at our beautiful winery in Auburn. Not only will our guests be treated to the musical talents of “Two-Tone Steiny & The Cadillacs,” they’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy good food and good wine, too. The event will not be complete without a sampling or a generous helping of Bacon Mania, an incredible food truck. From the Big Pig (slow roasted pulled pork and bacon sandwiches) to the Boss Hog Bacon Cheeseburger, their mouth-watering menu will not disappoint.

Our 18th anniversary event is family-friendly and will also include art and jewelry displays, demonstrations of clay sculpting and paintings. And, of course, great wine! The event begins at 11 a.m. and will continue through the afternoon. The band starts at noon and will wrap up around 3 p.m. The food truck will be on the grounds from noon to 5 p.m.

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