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3 great wines for the summer

3 great wines for the summer

Wine 🕔June 26, 2017

As our attention turns to the warmer months, picnics and spending more time outdoors, you may also be searching for the best summer wines.

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing varietal at the end of a triple-digit day (and we’ve had plenty of those lately!), or the perfect wine that takes warm-weather food – like BBQ ribs, grilled seafood and vegetables – to the next level.

Whatever your summer lifestyle is, it’s important to pick just the right wine. Crisp whites may come to mind, but easy-drinking reds, maybe even slightly chilled, are ideal, too. Whether you’re on a picnic, grilling, at the beach or enjoying a late summer evening on your patio deck, there’s no better complement to any of those summer escapes than the perfect summer wine.

Here are three Mt. Vernon wines to fit any summer occasion.

2012 Petite Syrah

Nothing says summer quite like the fruits exhibited in our 2012 Petite Syrah, a winner of the Silver Medal at the San Francisco Chronicle Tasting. Its juicy raspberry and stone fruits with zippy, bright acid pair nicely with a summer night or BBQ.

Estate Zinfandel

Our estate Zinfandel, much like the Petite Syrah, is juicy, fruity and bright. If you’re out for a picnic overseeing the lake, you’ll absolutely love the pairing of its long fruity finish with milder cheeses that you brought along in your picnic basket. If you’re out BBQing with your family and friends, Zinfandel will go well with most of your favorite grilled meats like pork ribs, lamb, hearty burgers or even a well-sauced poultry and seafood. It’s important to remember that parings are not always just about the meat, but how the food is seasoned and cooked.


Mt. Vernon’s Verdelho is fresh off its June release and is the perfect addition to your summer wine list. It is crisp and it is refreshing like a Sauvignon blanc. This wine goes well by itself or alongside appetizers, tapas or oysters. For a delightful summer wine, you cannot go wrong here.

So, whatever occupies your summer season, don’t forget these three special wines for the cool factor you’ll need to beat the heat.

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