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The history of the grape stomp

The history of the grape stomp

Auburn , Charity , Events , Wine 🕔July 16, 2018

A grape stomp is exactly what it sounds like – stomping grapes with your bare feet. The activity takes place in large vats that pull out the juice to launch the fermentation process.

The grape stomp dates back centuries to the ancient Romans, who used the method to extract grape juice. Grape stomping was once a key part of the wine-making process. In fact, one of the earliest grape stomps on record occurred around the third century.

Today, we have technology and industrialized machinery, so there is no need to use human feet to make wine. Stomping grapes for actual wine these days doesn’t really happen in the U.S. It is mainly used for events and festivals for fun.

So, why not have some fun with it?

On Sept. 22 between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., we are inviting you to participate in our very own grape stomp, and it is for a good cause! For our Grape Stomp for the Cure event, 10 percent of each bottle purchased will go toward breast cancer research. Here are the details:

  • Ernie Bodal, the founder of Cure Breast Cancer Inc., is scheduled to join us.
  • Live Music by: 6 String Daisy
  • Entry fee: $25/includes Mt. Vernon Wine Glass (Not Dinner Package)
  • Dinner Package, plus entry fee and a Mt. Vernon wine glass, is $45
  • Dinner Menu: tender Chicken, tri-tip, Caesar salad, and chili
  • Required attire to stomp: white top, white skirt and pink handkerchief for necktie or hair
  • Prizes for “Lucille Ball look-alike.”

Speaking of Lucille Ball, make sure you check out this classic grape stomp:

As you can see, grape stomps have been popularized in media and can be quite entertaining! We hope you can join us for our special event on Sept. 22!

For more information, call 530-823-1111 or email wineclubmtvernonwinery@gmail.com.

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