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How to properly smell wine

How to properly smell wine

Auburn , Winery 🕔September 11, 2017

Have you ever gotten lost and mesmerized by the wonderful aromas inside your glass of Mt. Vernon wine?

Smelling wine before drinking it is an important warm-up for the big event known as tasting.

Why? We’re preparing our brain to process the flavors once the liquid makes contact with our taste buds.

In fact, our sense of smell deeply effects our taste experience.

For example, have you ever been sick and no matter what you eat, the food you ingest is just bland? Or, have you plugged your nose while tasting foods? Once you regain your smell, a whole other dimension of experience opens up, much to our delight.

The same is true about wine tasting — your nose is very important. And make sure you follow it to Mt. Vernon Winery.

How to properly take in the aromas

The first rule is not to be shy. Really get your nose into your glass and take it all in. Be sure to take a deep breath so you can inhale all the wine’s goodness. This is a great time to think about the many scents you’re experiencing. As you develop your wine tasting skills, you begin to pick up on all kinds of textures, hints, flavors and tones. It’s quite the experience! And it only gets better when you take a sip.

Why do I not smell what my friend is smelling?

It’s true, wine tasting is subjective. You may uncover bold, fruitful scents, while your friend may think of something else. That’s OK. The more you practice, the more precise your own senses will become. And the operative word there is “own.” Your experience may not be like another wine taster’s. Our memory only picks up familiar scents, so only those that correspond with past experiences can be recalled. Your familiarity with certain scents will also have an effect. Take time to be aware of your surroundings and the food on your plate. Experience them individually and collectively through all your senses.

We hope we provided some guidance to you for your next wine adventure. Remember, wine tasting gets better with practice and patience. There’s no need to rush your experience. At Mt. Vernon, we’ll be happy to give you complete tour of each wine you sample. Knowing more about the wines, their history, harvest times, varietals, weather conditions and the sort will give you a better sense of what’s to come.

Our tasting room is open between 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., Thursday through Sunday.

Happy wine tasting, everyone!

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