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Study proves cheese improves the wine-drinking experience

Study proves cheese improves the wine-drinking experience

Auburn , Cheese , Wine Pairings , Wine Tasting , Winery 🕔October 24, 2016

Food and wine have long been partners, specifically wine and cheese. Now, there is scientific proof that wine enhances the wine experience.

A study completed by the Centre for Taste and Feeding Behaviour in Dijon, France, asked 31 regular wine drinkers to sample four wines with four cheeses.

The study was published in the journal Food Science:

“31 French wine and cheese consumers evaluated the wines (Pacherenc, Sancerre, Bourgogne, and Madiran) over 3 consecutive sips. In the following sessions, they performed the same task, but eating small portions of cheese (Epoisses, Comté, Roquefort, Crottin de Chavignol) between sips. All cheeses were tasted with all wines over 4 sessions.”

What the researchers found was that the cheese improved the taste of the wine and it also had an impact on the preference. Essentially, the wine either got better or didn’t change, there were no negative impacts recorded.

“Results showed that cheese consumption had an impact (P < 0.1) on dominance duration of attributes and on preference for most wines,” the study’s abstract states. “Although the number of consumers was small to make extended general conclusions on wine’s preference, significant changes were observed before and after cheese intake.”

To us, there isn’t much better than a great wine paired with a great cheese. Cheese certainly improves the experience, but we also believe our wines are excellent on their own. Mt. Vernon Winery is a small, family-owned and operated winery nestled in the grassy foothills of Auburn, California. The Taylor family transforms Sierra Foothills grapes into outstanding lush aromatic wines, with riveting fruit flavors fit for a president.

If you are interested in tasting our wines, stop by our tasting room in Auburn, Thursday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We offer 16 to 18 fabulous wines for tasting that are great paired with cheese!

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