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Study: Wine helps retain brain volume, alleviate diabetes symptoms

Study: Wine helps retain brain volume, alleviate diabetes symptoms

Auburn , Health , Study , Wine 🕔January 18, 2017

Go for one more glass … because drinking wine is good for you.

We’ve all heard of the health benefits associated with drinking a glass of wine. Even if we don’t exactly read up on the study, we are eager to pour ourselves another glass, for science and for health.

These recent health studies related to wine drinking will make you feel a little better about that next glass of wine. And it may be for reasons you have not heard of before.

As we age, our think tank shrinks

We don’t need to conduct a complicated study to see that some things just compress over time. This includes body parts.

But did you know that your brain is a part of this conversation?

It’s just a natural way of life that our noggin will shrink each year as we age. If only more wine was the answer … well, here’s some promising news.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Edinburgh monitored a group of people and asked them to eat a diet heavy in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, beans, grains, fish, dairy and most importantly, wine. Those who followed this particular diet “retained half a percent more brain volume than those who didn’t.”

The study was carried out several more years down the road. CT scans showed that those who kept up with the diet exhibited “0.5 percent higher brain volume than those who didn’t.” The participants were 70 years old at the start of the study.

So maybe next you time you go for an extra glass of wine, you won’t have to think about it so hard.

Red wine and diabetes

A study out of a university in Israel states that adding a glass of red wine to a Mediterranean-style meal could alleviate the symptoms of diabetes.

Anyone with the disease understands the importance of HDLs and LDS, the good and bad components of cholesterol. You want to keep HDLs high and the LDSs low.

The study was simple. Those who drank red wine with their meal produced higher levels of HDLs than those who did not. HDL can help a body prevent some of the complications that can be caused by diabetes, including heart ailments and strokes.

Again, this is not the first time a glass of wine has been linked to health benefits. And that’s something we can all raise our glasses to.

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