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The best foods to pair with Cabernet Sauvignon

The best foods to pair with Cabernet Sauvignon

Auburn , Wine , Wine Tasting , Winery 🕔September 6, 2016

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular wines in California and around the world. It started in France when Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc were accidentally blended. The wine gained popularity in the Bordeaux area.

In the 1970s, Cabernet Sauvignon arrived in California and it quickly took off as it can adapt to a variety of climates. Cabernet Sauvignon is full of red fruit flavors and tannic in nature. It is often considered a durable grape with thick skin that produces a mid-range of acidity. It can be high in alcohol content and have a sweet, but dry taste. This results in a reliable wine that mixes well with many meat-based dishes.

Here are some of the best foods to pair with Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Ribs
  • Meat-based salads
  • Tri-Tip
  • Pork
  • Dishes topped with caramelized onions
  • Burgers
  • Cheese platters
  • Lamb

Our 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon features aromatics of cocoa and toasted oak rounded out by big tannins. It also has hints of juicy black cherry and was American oak aged for more than 16 months. In addition, our 2013 Mountain Red blend features Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as Barbera, Petitie Sirah and Cabernet Franc.

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