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Three of our favorite wine quotes from the movie Sideways

Three of our favorite wine quotes from the movie Sideways

Wine 🕔July 10, 2017

If you love wine as much we as do and haven’t watched “Sideways,” do yourself a solid and plan a movie and Mt. Vernon wine night for later this week. You won’t be disappointed!

The highly-acclaimed comedy stars Paul Giamatti (the resident wine snob), Thomas Haden-Church (the knucklehead friend) and also includes outstanding performances by Virginia Madsen (horticulture grad student/waitress) and Sandra Oh (winery employee).

In summary, Miles (Giamatti) joins Jack (Haden-Church) for a tasting tour of California wines the week before Jack’s wedding date. Jack, of course, goes off script in his version of Bachelor Gone Wild with a series of miscalculated and ill-advised decisions. Miles remains at his side despite his protest and distaste for his recurring tricks, but Miles isn’t entirely innocent, either.

Although “Sideways” was released about 13 years ago, its impact on the wine industry continues to show. It’s contributed to pop culture and even to an unnecessary industry-wide decline of sales in Merlot.

Needless to say, you’ll enjoy the ride and connect to the wine advice and references each cast member spews out, both wise and nonsensical. We’ll share a few below.

Here are three quotes we love and want to share with our friends.

Yes, Miles is an ultimate wine-tasting pro. He gives some good insight into what your palate is capable of distinguishing and uncovering in every glass. To maximize the aromas and flavors of a wine, we advise a little swirling, which facilitates compounds within the wine to disperse and oxygen to move in. Letting the wine breathe really brings flavors to the forefront and opens the wine’s smell.

This line is like music to our ears. Wine truly evolves and changes in complexity, flavor and smell. That’s one of the unique characteristic of wine – it’s alive. Because of its temperament, it’s important to properly care for each bottle, especially in the summer’s heat.

Leaving wine in direct heat for an extended amount of time can alter its balance and, and as a result, its taste. Some wines that get too hot can seep out of the cork, which is referred to “cooked” wine. Wine left in direct heat for long periods of time can result in imbalance and a change to its taste — and not for the better.

Keep in mind that older wines, like our 2006 Reserve Port or 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon are more susceptible to heat.

The ideal temperatures to store wine is around 55 degrees with 77 degrees being the end of the wine-comfort range.

We doubt you’ll be chewing gum once you taste our wines! But, the more important point here is to ensure you enjoy the process. Cleanse your palate by eating small amount of cheese, fruit and bread. This will allow for critical tasting with each new wine you try. Fruits contain high levels of natural acidity and help neutralize flavors. Cheeses have high fat content and make the body of the wine hold alcohol longer and can change the palate impressions of each wine.

Most importantly, wine tasting should be fun and adventurous. There isn’t a set of commandants for wine tasting to follow other than enjoy and repeat. If you’re ready for your own little Sideways adventure (without the monkey business!), come on by our tasting room, which is open Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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