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Moderate wine consumption linked to dementia prevention

Moderate wine consumption linked to dementia prevention

Health 🕔August 15, 2017

At Mt. Vernon, we know wine is good for our palates and for our soul.

Wine brings us together with family and friends, completes our meals and brings cheer to some of life’s smallest and biggest moments, from weddings to a Tuesday night dinner and movie with our spouse.

Wine, in moderation, provides health benefits, as well. Just look at some of the previous examples:   

Study shows red wine could simulate effects of healthy diet, exercise

Study: Wine helps retain brain volume, alleviate diabetes symptoms

A recent study from the University of San Diego suggests that drinking in moderation might prevent dementia or other cognitive diseases in older people.

In multiple studies, light-to-moderate drinking has been correlated with a lower risk of dementia and a reduced likelihood of other medical ailments, including stroke.

This study was important because it examined cognitive health at a later age, and found alcohol consumption is not only associated with reduced mortality, but with greater chances of staying mentally fit into older age.

So, let’s raise a toast to another of wine’s many benefits!

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